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Hochhaus Herrengasse

In 2016’s autumn, I had a privileged opportunity to work for an event that was happening in the Viennese first high-rise, Hochhaus Herrengasse in the gorgeous innercity of Vienna. Vienna does not have many high buildings, probably because of some legal reasons that I have no clue about. There are only few places where you can see the skyline, especially with the view of the beknown St. Stephen’s Cathedral. However, this Hochhaus is very special that it is the only building in the innercity which has over 10 stories, that still its height is not seen from the street, Herrengasse, neither its top due to the very special architecture- the secret word is ‘tiered’ ; ) I spent a whole day though at its rooftop, enjoying the stunning view, looking down at the splendid city.

Along the street, Herrengasse, are historic old palaces that are still so well preserved together. They have been kept well, in my guess, mostly because they are still in the uses for travellers not only for the proud Viennese, my favourite is ‘Palais im Kinsky,’ and in the proud usage they are being constantly visited and loved. That is the reason why humans ‘build’ ‘buildings,’ to use and visit, not to let them sit and collect dust. The history of hochhaus-building project also provides some interesting stories in the context of Austria’s politics in the 1920’s.


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