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London Ladybug



It simply is a recording of a ladybug climbing up a tree, which caught my attention when I was mooching about in London a few years back. I was just killing some time waiting for someone, and the tiny insect suddenly appeared in my sight.
I didn’t know back then, that mindlessly holding the moment into my small digital camera, not just letting it go, I would also be grabbing the genuine thoughts and feelings that were floating inside me at that very moment, even with the memory of fresh, exhilarating air after the rain I was presented with on that day.
So, watching this video reminded me of myself back in those times. Those I recalled were so palpable that I for one moment was back in London as humble myself travelling with no destination, living a little dosser’s life.
The time was a dodgy moment of my life, which I didn’t realise back then. I might have sensed it, but I was too neglectful with all I had to keep them in the “sane” track that everybody walked on.
Yes. No. Myself back then would tell me that I am now being a pompous little shit, daring to define myself in the past as being complacent.

All was well. I am well.

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